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How to use.


StufF IT

Easy open. Easy Close.

Stuff it with your dogs treats or meal.


Your dog will love the smell and begin to play.


Your dog will nudge it, roll it, pick it up and so much more...


Time to eat!

Safety Instructions


Your Dogs Safety is Your Responsibility. 

No Dog Toy is Indestructible.

Supervise your dog until you are certain it can use the TreatStik

safely without supervision.

NOT for toy dogs.  NOT for dogs under 10 pounds.

If any part of your dogs jaw can fit through the small hole, do NOT purchase.

Inspect the TreatStik frequently. Look for cracks, missing pieces, tears, etc.

Replace worn or damaged toy immediately.

If you think your dog has swallowed loose pieces, immediately call your veterinarian.

Not meant to be a chew toy.

Use & Care Instructions

What can I put in the TreatStik?

Any food, treats or kibble that will fit through the small hole can be used.

This can include... any small treats or kibble, food, cut vegetables (such as celery or carrots), etc.

The large TreatStik can hold up to 1.5 cups of your dogs favorite treats or daily meal, while the small size holds 0.5 cups.

Tips for longer play

Put in kibble that is small enough to fit through the hole AND put in kibble that is too large to fit through the hole.  This allows the food to be released slower. 


Dishwasher safe.

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