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We are a small business that began in Norwich, Vermont after we brought our new puppy Remy home. She had a lot of energy & liked to chew and play. We tried out various toys on the market to keep her occupied, but she remained rather mischievous. We began to observe her behavior and how she liked to play & we made a toy from supplies at our local hardware store especially for her.


It was a motivating toy that dispensed food. She also was able to roll, push, pick up & pounce on it. It kept her occupied, a toy for our dog!

Her friends would come over to play & we discovered that they too loved the toy. We knew that this treat dispensing toy, which we called the TreatStik, motivated our dog & kept her stimulated & occupied along with her many friends. We decided we had to share this product with all dog owners who love their dogs as much as we love ours.

So we have made the TreatStik, a toy for our dog & now yours! We have subsequently added to our family, Brady, a lab mix, who also loves to play with the TreatStik.

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